Nobody lives in a cocoon-events in one part of the world rapidly extend ripples of influence, sometimes globally. With this in mind, we have sourced this News Ticker from OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council). The Ticker scrolls through significant news events in each country. If you see anything of interest, click on the headline and you will go to a more detailed account in the OSAC website. Some Firewalls may prevent the OSAC pages from downloading. To return to our website, simply exit the OSAC website.

Our aim is to give you a convenient world snapshot that is updated daily. Accordingly, the news has a security emphasis and is not narrowly restricted to terrorism news. It is however relevant to the terrorism profile of the world as it unfolds each day.

The OSAC was established in 1985 by the US Department of State and is administered by the Bureau of Diplomatic security. We gratefully acknowledge their assistance in supplying this information.

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